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Friday, 1 March 2019

Essay On Holi 100, 200, 300 & 500 Words In English For Class 3rd and 5th

Essay On Holi 100, 200, 300 & 500 Words In English For Children and Students

Short Essay on Holi in English for Children and Students - Holi is the festival of love and colors. It is celebrated every year all over India and many other countries outside India like Nepal. This festival is celebrated with full enjoyment, fun, and mischief. This festival indicated the end of winters and the beginning of spring season.

Essay on Holi in English

Short Essay 1 (100 words) on Holi Festival

Holi is the very famous festival of Hindu which is celebrated every year in the month of March. This is the festival of colors and people spray colors on one another on this day with full of happiness inside. Overall India this festival of color is celebrated in many ways like in some parts of India it is celebrated for one day, and in some places two days or three days and this festival is also celebrated for seven days too with the great energy and enthusiasm as the first day and same energy in the last day. Holi is the favorite festival for children.

Essay 2 on Holi in English (200 words) 

Holi is widely celebrated every year as like Diwali by the same enjoyment and enthusiasm. Holi is the festival of happiness it has own culture and significance that the arrival of the spring season and basically it the celebration of thanksgiving for the good harvest. This festival also signifies the victory of good over evil. Which basically falls in the month of March and sometimes if the month of February. Basically, Holi is the 2-day festival, on the first night, we burn bonfire to symbolize Holika Dahan.

And the next day called Rangwali, Dhuleti or Ranf Panchami which we celebrate with colors. Holi festival now crossing the Indian boundaries. In the west, people come together and enjoy the festival of colors. They are basically celebrating as an event, the part without realizing the really significant and importance of Holi festival. At this day, we meet each other, handshake, hug and apply abeer on the forehead and cheek to each other and give good wishes for Holi and for their lives too.
At this special day, we eat special things like gujhiya, sweets, chips, papad, dahi bade etc. Holi festival is also considered as a day where people forget, forgive, make up broken relationships and got back to the happy world again by meeting and spraying colors on each other with full fun and to forget all their worries.

Essay 3 (300 words) on Holi in English

Holi is the religious Hindu festival which is celebrated with lots of preparations. According to Hindu Calendar it is celebrated on the full moon night of the month of Phalgun. It is basically celebrated to mark the victory of truth over evil, the victory of Prahlad over King Hiranyakashap. Holi is the two days festival, on the first day as Holika Dahan and second day as colorful Holi.

At Holika Dahan, they burn a heap of sticks, straws and cow-dung cakes lying in the mid street in the late evening or night. And, the next day in the morning, they celebrate as a colorful Holi by playing colors with friends, family members and neighbors. It is the happiest festival especially for the kids as they get new clothes and to eat delicious food.

The root of Holika Dahan is in Indian mythology. He, on a wild effort to make his son name Prahlad to worship him, but Prahalad who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. All-time Prahalad worship Vishnu and his father Hiranyakashipu does not tolerate this. So, Hiranyakashipu decided to call his sister Holika to kill his son. She had a special veil or magic robe, which had the power to save the wearer from the burning of fire.

Holika tried to kill Prahalad in the fire, expecting that she will survive with that power of magic robe which she had. But reversed happened Prahlad came out of the fire safe because he is continuously worshiping the Lord Vishnu in the fire and Holika was burnt to death. So, we should always learn from this that no one can harm the person who has God as his/her savior. Holi is not just the festival of colors or enjoyment it also gives us moral that God is always there for us as our savior.

Essay 4 (500 words) on Holi for Children and Students

Holi is the colorful and most important festival in India it is the festival of joy and happiness which is spread with real color and pleasure in the life of everyone. It is celebrated annually in the month of March (Falgun) on Purnima or pooranmashi by the Hindu Calendar or Religion. People wait for this festival eagerly to enjoy by playing with colors and eating delicious foods.

This festival basically waited by children to play with colors children come out of their homes in the early morning to play with the colors and with pichkari to enjoy with friends and to eat delicious food which made by his mother. At the day of Holi and before the Holi festival women of the houses started preparing needed things for Holi celebration like special and delicious dishes, sweets, chips, and many other things to welcome their neighbors, friends, and relatives at Holi.

Holi festival signifies love, brotherhood, and unity among the people it is the festival to break all the barriers among them to forgive, forget all the issues among themselves. By spraying the real colors or colored powder (gulal) to each other and break all the barriers of discrimination between them.

It indicates the triumph of good over bad. It is celebrated with lot of fun and frolic activities all through the country. It adorns everyone in the colorful colors and mixes them in the bond of brotherhood all through the day. They forget their differences and bad behavior and play Holi by throwing colors over them, applying abeer on the forehead and hugging each other.

There are many legends behind the celebration of Holi festival such as Hiranyakashyap, Prahlad and Holika; Radha and Krishna. People meet, hug, apply abeer on the forehead, play color, visit their homes together, eat delicious foods, wear new clothes, etc. activities at Holi. It increases the bond of love, friendship and unity among people.

Holi festival has a religious story. A long ago, there was a devil king, Hiranyakashyap. He was the father of Prahalad and brother Holika. Prahalad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and Holika has a special veil or magic robe, that to save herself from burning in the fire. Hiranyakasyap was booned by the Lord Brahma that he cannot be killed by any man or animal, neither by any ashtray or sashtra, neither inside the home or outside and neither in the day or night.

Getting such power, he became very arrogant and ordered everyone including his own son to worship him instead of God as he is a real God. So, he wanted his son to worship him but his son always worships to Lord Vishnu. After seeing such type of behavior of the Prahlad, Hiranyakashyap made a plan with sister Holika to kill Prahlad. He ordered his sister to sit in the fire by having Prahlad in her lap.

Holika did so but unfortunately, she burnt in the fire however Prahlad was not harmed and even not touched by the fire as he was under the protection and blessings of God. From then, Hindu people started celebrating that event as Holi festival after the name of Holika.

This festival is celebrated to remember the victory of goodness over bad or devil power.

Short Essay on Holi in English for Children and Students

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